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About Me

Hello! My name is Daniel and I live in New York City with my fiancée and our two dogs.


I graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in Data Science and M.A. in Statistics.

Why Data?

Choosing a career based in statistics and computer science was not accidental. I am an extremely analytical, data-driven individual who has intuitively utilized a Data-Scientific method (collect, analyze, model, and iterate) for all life decisions. Because, with data we can be certain of our options, and with statistics we can be confident in our choices.

Life philosophy

I believe the secret to success and happiness can be simplified by asking oneself two questions:
1. Did I try?
2. Did I give it everything I had?
If one can consistently answer yes to both then, boundaries are continually pushed, and progress is attained by persistent effort. I use this model to achieve, learn, and grow as a person so that each day I wake up better than the last.

Fun Facts

About Me By The "Numbers"

Lines of Code Written

I truly enjoy engineering and I am passionate about the creative process. I find it incredibly fulfilling to start with a blank canvas and bring a program to life

Guitar Songs Learned

From festivals to subway buskers, from Classical to Metalcore, and from playing guitar to singing
I   Love   Music!

Restaurants Enjoyed

There may be nothing better in life than discovering a new flavor, or just having a delicious meal with loved ones

Push-Ups Done

I thoroughly enjoy exercise and find it as an integral part of a productive life. HIIT and weightlifting are my favorites


2023-2024Data Python Engineer

SME Solutions Group -CONTRACT
  • Engineering comprehensive overhaul of analytic data ontology for the NHL Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Facilitating on-prem migration to cloud based solutions: AWS, Snowflake, Airflow orchestration
  • Translating and reengineering entire codebase from legacy Java to Python, reducing computational complexity and providing a modular end-user focused design for future iterative development
  • Establishing best-practice frameworks and protocols for interdepartmental collaboration of algorithm development for inclusive adoption of leading-edge industry tools and methods

2022-2022Machine Learning Engineer

Qraft Technologies USA -CONTRACT
  • Establishing data and ML modeling infrastructure pipeline for CI/CD production at USA branch
  • Developing research based deep learning models in asset selection and allocation for short-term trading strategies
  • Acting as provisional CTO for US office, managing all technical related matters

2022-2022Data & Reporting Engineer

  • Automated database processes and reporting for Revenue Cycle, Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Corrected inaccuracies within SQL stored procedures adding $80k+ of unaccounted revenue per year

2021-2023 Columbia University

Master of Arts in Statistics
  • Student Representative for the program, serving the student body and the Statistics Department
  • Continued to Excel in Courses such as:
    Advanced Machine Learning ♦ Data Science with Python ♦ Exploratory Data Analysis ♦ Machine Learning for Finance ♦ Natural Language Processing ♦ Statistical Methods in Finance ♦ Time Series Analysis

2016- 2020 Columbia University

Bachelor of Arts in Data Science
  • Exceled in Technical Courses such as:
    Algorithms for Data Science ♦ Applied Data Science ♦ Artificial Intelligence ♦ Bayesian Statistics ♦ C.S. Theory ♦ Databases ♦ Data Science with Python ♦ Data Structures ♦ Exploratory Data Analysis ♦ Linear Algebra ♦ Linear Regression Models and Analysis ♦ Machine Learning ♦ Statistical Computing
  • Rigorous liberal arts education providing a comprehensive foundation based in communication and collaboration

2015- 2017outreach athletics

  • Founded not-for-profit exercise group to promote the health and wellbeing of the community
  • Created and instructed free weekly exercises
  • Maintained online digital presence: website, social media, and promotion
  • Over 2000 members in the Tampa Bay area

2014- 2016 Hillsborough Community College

Associates of Arts in Computer Science and Mathematics

  • Excelled in prerequisite undergraduate coursework for intended Data Science major
  • Honors Institute and Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Member
  • Beatrice Kunda Writing Contest award winner

2013- 2016Web developer

  • Utilized HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Adobe Illustrator for designing and developing websites for use in: Commerce, Healthcare, Community Organizations, and Education


2013- 2014 real estate investor

  • Fulfilled all responsibilities necessary for home renovation
  • Completed restoration of two homes in Dunedin, FL

(One of the homes shown here)

2010- 2013 day trader

  • Developed and implemented day and short-term trading algorithms
  • Traded stocks and options within equity markets
  • Traded currency pairs in Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX)

...reticulating splines...


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Please feel free to reach out to me for anything. I always enjoy a good conversation.

New York, NY